Over 2000 trucks stored at a former airport

Turning off cross-channel traffic for 48 hours resulted in the storage of hundreds of trucks on an airport runway in southern England. Freight traffic has been authorized again from Tuesday evening.

Hundreds of trucks lined up in single file on an old take-off runway, awe-inspiring footage shot at Manston Airport, half an hour from Dover, UK. With the closure of cross-channel traffic for 48 hours, British authorities had to store hundreds of trucks after discovering a new strain of coronavirus.

According to Kent County Council Excerpted by BBC South EastAround 3,000 trucks, including 2,200 on the runway at Manchester Airport, were to be parked along the motorway leading to Dover. This airport, closed in 2015, has been used as a parking lot for heavy goods vehicles, in the event of cross-channel traffic disruption.

Difficult conditions for drivers

Crossings were again allowed between Britain and the mainland on Tuesday evening, but drivers must test before attempting to catch a ship in Dover. Under very difficult conditions, as truck drivers tell AFP.

“, I told my boss, England, it’s worth it that he sends me there”, the agency explained to Laurent Begin, a truck driver clinging to the entire channel since Sunday. “It went very badly, we used to wait at least 50 hours, there was no toilet, nothing to eat, I looked for a hotel in the area, but everything was busy”, to Christian Cosma Tells’ agency.

“I covered 300 kilometers to go for testing and then 300 kilometers to return to Dover and I still have 2,500 kilometers to go there.” However, he will not reach home by the 25th.

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