Over 100,000 Moroccans study abroad

The number of Moroccan students studying abroad increased to 100,000. An increase of 15% compared to 2018, when just over 80,000 Moroccan students enrolled abroad.

According to the Ahdat website, the average annual cost of study abroad can reach 90,000 dirhams. Most Moroccan students choose France when studying abroad, up from 41,729 in 2018-2019. They have long been the largest community of international students in France, accounting for 12% of the total number of foreign students.

Over the years, other countries have also made themselves famous, especially Canada, and French-speaking provinces in particular. 70% of Moroccan students in Canada therefore choose Quebec. Currently, some 4,000 Moroccan students are studying at North American universities, more than triple the number in 2012.

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In Europe, countries such as Germany and Spain are popular among young Moroccan students. In 2017, there were no less than 8,000 Moroccan students in Germany and at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, less than 5,000 Moroccan students chose Spain.

Other destinations are particularly popular for medical studies; Senegal, Tunisia, Russia, but also Eastern European countries. Ukraine ranks at the top and has over 10,000 Moroccan students, who often choose to study dentistry, pharmacy, technology or architecture.

Most of the students were deported after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Ministry of Education in Morocco is currently working on a solution for students expelled to prevent conflict in Ukraine causing delays in studies.

As a reminder, the number of Moroccan students abroad reached a peak of 56,730 in 2019, an increase of about 3.8 thousand over the previous year. The number of foreign students leaving Morocco fell from 42,812 in 2010 to the 2019 figure. On the other hand, the number of international students enrolled in Morocco was small.

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