Our video on Electric Limousine

Mercedes EQS will face electric competition! Auto Plus is already inviting you to board the Star Limousine in the video.

EQS is the pinnacle of technology for Mercedes. with him a host of tools of the future And its electric motor, it intends to put the Star brand at the top of the electric galaxy, ahead of rivals such as Tesla, Porsche, BMW, or Audi. And to discover it in its tiniest detail, our journalist Agnes Lasberres leads you big electric sedan on video :

Avalanche of technologies!

First, we can recognize from its proportions that this Mercedes EQS is placed at S-Class level, 5.22 m tall. But the design is completely unique, with plenty of aerodynamic lines and a solid grille that houses multiple sensors.

An avalanche of technologies begins as soon as the door opens: it can open automatically ! And once inside, we discover a futuristic screen, thanks tohyperscreen, a giant screen banner, which is optional.

Behind Great Luxury Great

At the rear, the space is clearly very generous, and passengers are pampered. They deserve individual screens installed behind the front seats, plus a removable shelf hidden in the center armrest. The S-Class is nothing to be jealous of, which will retain its status as a reference for thermals.

The second strong point of this EQS is autonomy: it is announced 770 kms. By For the big 107.8 kWh battery! Production will begin at the end of the summer at the famous Factory 56 in Sinderfingen, Germany.

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