“Our lights are real!» Researchers have created animated holograms

Three years ago, researchers created a 3D image from a trapped particle in the air. Today they beat again. Production, this time, real objects in movement. Animated hologram. Their objective: to develop a type of “screen” displaying Princess Hia’s hologram, Star wars.

Photon Torpedo. Cavalry Laser. Hologram. Behind almost every Physicist Hides Fan day science-fiction. Some even actively work to turn directors’ dreams into reality. A bunch of today Brigham Young University (United States) announced that it has taken a major step forward in this direction matter. Successfully freed from the screen and creating holograms that can be viewed from all angles and which can also be animated.

Three years ago, researchers presented a system that literally pulls objects floating in the air. An almost invisible laser beam moves very quickly – enough to create visible solidity – a particle illuminates by itself Diode laser Colored to create a visible image from all angles. a kind of3d printer Light ink. A tool called Is called Optical The trap Display (OTD), understand optical trap display. It is like optical tweezers used to manipulate cells or cells in biology Body to shake Atoms. The only difference here: the forces mobilized are not electric, but thermal. They act on particles that absorb light.

Using this technique, researchers are now able to create simple animations in the air. “What you see in the scenes we create is very real. There is nothing generated by Computer », Assures Dan Smalley, researcher in electrical engineering Press release Brigham Young University. “America” Saber laserAre real. You can see them from any angle. You will always see them existing in space. “

Towards new immersive experiences

Our lightsabers? Yes, because researchers have recreated some famous science-fiction scenes for the performance. Definitely a light fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. Or a shelling also depicting short bursts between the Enterprise and the Klingon Bird-of-Pre.

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Enough to pave the way for new Immersive experience. In which we will be able to interact with holographic types of virtual objects that coexist in our same space. “Our images are physical. They are not mirage, Says Dan Smalley, a researcher in electrical engineering. “Thanks to our technology, it becomes possible to create animated content that rotates or crawls around a physical object.”

Researchers are already demonstrating this by walking the shape of a stick on the human finger. And they keep on learning new optical tricks by playing with the movements of the approaches and Parallax. But technology will still need to improve if hologram descriptions – which are small today – become more accessible to the public.The eye . For example, by trapping many particles.

3D Images: From Star Wars to Reality, There’s Only One More Stage

Researchers want to develop a 3D image production system Star wars, Inspired by the launch of Princess Leia that appears in the science-fiction saga. They present the first results of their project today, which are encouraging.

Article by Nathalie mayor Published on 01/26/2018

“Help, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You are my only hope!»This is a cult replica pronounced by the 3D launch of Princess Leia in the saga Star wars. 3D projection is a technique that has long been related to science fiction. And if there have been some attempts at copying over the years, it has been proposed by today’s researchersBrigham Young University(United States) is probably the first person who can expect to get something Applications .

Let us first specify that, contrary to what is sometimes said, Princess Leia does not have a famous 3D projection. Hologram In the strictest sense, which, for physicists, results from interference between two masses of light waves. In contrast, a 3D image floating in the air that you can see from all angles is what the experts call “a volumetric image”. It is formed on a three-dimensional screen made up of small surfaces diffusing light.

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Like a light ink 3D printer

To achieve their goals, American researchers took advantage of a phenomenon known as “photophoresis”. This allows manipulation due to the light of small particles suspended in the air. In the system devised at Brigham Young University, a Laser beam A barely visible particle is trapped and then shaken. The system is thus formed in the air cloudBuild dust 3d image . A series of other colored lasers then make the image visible.

The device can be viewed as a Light Ink 3D printer. It draws objects in the air so fast that our eyes can see them as real volumetric images. Even though the device remains to be adapted, American researchers are already envisioning applications, particularly in the world of medicine.

Real-time 3D images

X3D Technologies Corporation has just launched for the first time Software Which, according to this company, allows real-time conversion of two-dimensional video images to three-dimensional (3D) video.

French-science article published on 02/09/2003

So now it is possible to see DVD And Emission Live television in three dimensions through your computer. X3D intends to make this type of software accessible to the general public, previously reserved for military or medical applications and typically consuming IT resources.

However, this system requires the wearing of special glasses and a PCThe cathode-ray is connected to the screen. In the future, the X3D hopes to encode the software into a chip that will be integrated into television in early 2003.

  • to know more : www.3dworld.com

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