Our contract with the company matters more than in the European Union

It was scheduled to deliver 120 million doses by the end of March, but five days after the first quarter of 2021 closed, AstraZeneca gave the European Union just 18 million doses, lower than what was expected. It has been learned from sources in the European Union. The 120-to-30 million cut was announced by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant, which put European countries in severe difficulty, but ten million doses are missing to date and it is not known whether the company will be able to guarantee supply . A big question, in particular, concerns the 29 million dosages found in recent times at the Catalant plant in Anagni. Yesterday, EU Commissioner Thierry Bretton explained: “It is certain that for poor countries, except for one volume for Kovacs, the rest of the dose will be distributed exclusively among EU countries”. The commissioner said the courtyard supplements come from the Helix plant of AstraZeneca, which is based in the Netherlands and which has not yet received authorization from the European Medicinal Agency: “The data has already been sent to the EMA and there we await a reply Are doing. In the next few days – the EU commissioner explained – when they get a visa as a production lab, they can be distributed among Twenty-7.

Vaccini AstraZeneca, UK to EU: “Our contract with the company matters more”

While the European Union struggles to enforce AstraZeneca’s contracts, the United Kingdom continues to be a big voice. The British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, explained that London had entered into an “exclusive” contract with the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company, while the European Union and the European Union entered into one based on “best efforts” by the UK. company. For this reason, according to the minister, the agreements signed by the British government will dominate the Europeans. Hancock said that the European Union should not suspend exports to Great Britain of the vaccine produced at the Dutch plant, precisely because of the nature of contractual agreements with the pharmaceutical company. “I believe that nations based on free trade follow contract law,” the minister said. “They have a ‘best effort’ contract and we have a exclusivity agreement: our contract ignores them. It’s called contract law. It’s very simple.”

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