Origin of Earth and Sun

Creation or eternity? Is the world forever? There may not have been a beginning, not an end…? Or was the world ever built? All these questions, we at least ask the Greeks.

Since then, there must have been at least 450 different theories of the origin of the solar system … and for a long time, we had too many theories and too few observations. Today the situation has changed completely as we discovered the solar system and we came to know a lot about the origin of our universe. By accumulating observations, these initial theories can be placed in the basket. So it was necessary to start the exploration …

Exploring in this way is the detection of traces of origin. Not only are traces being found in the solar system, but are also seeing what is happening elsewhere and looking at the formation of other stars, even additional planets. So, exploring the solar system, going beyond the Earth gives us a lot, a lot of observations and at the same time, a lot of false leadership…

However some definitions were revealed through our explorations.

It was in 1953 that an Australian found the age of the Earth. The age of the Earth is 4.55 billion years. It all started 4.55 billion years ago: Earth and planets, the Sun and the entire solar system, according to a specific scenario. A play in six acts.

The first step of which was the formation of a star …

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