Orientation. Open day at Unistra, Science Po, CUEJ…

The University of Strasbourg’s Open Day (or JPO) will take place on Saturday 5 March from 9 a.m., at all university sites: Esplanade, History, Medicine, Minau, Kronenberg-Schiltigheim, Illkirch-Grafenstaden, Celestat, Colmar and Heguenau.

Meet teacher-researchers and students of various courses

Opportunity for future students to discover their next place of study, but also to meet teacher-researchers and students of various courses – such as arts, letters, law, economics, health, chemistry, foreign languages ​​and many more at the university other player lives.

They will answer questions about the course of study and professional opportunities.

Each component of the university, faculties, IUTs, institutions (for example the General Administration “IPAG” …) and schools (University Center for Journalistic Teaching “CUEJ” …) has its own program and its own opening website https:/ /jpo.unistra.fr . hours to find

Science Po Strasbourg will be open on Saturday 5 March from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Cardo campus. Thus 1. Will have the possibility to discuss with teaching teams and students on studies iner and 2. InAnd bicycle, and to attend thematic conferences or go to school.

Detailed program www. Sciencespo-strasbourg.fr

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