“Organizing feud with France may pay off” for next election, says former British minister

“Tony Blair would never have directly attacked the French president on a social network”, ironically, on Friday, 26 November, at FranceInfo, former British Minister for European Affairs Dennis McShane. After Boris Johnson posted his letter to Emmanuel Macron on Twitter, relations between London and Paris became tense again. According to the former minister, “The fact of organizing a new small quarrel with France may pay off” For the next elections which have been announced “Too hard for Boris Johnson”,

FRANCEinfo: Emmanuel Macron believes Boris Johnson is not behaving seriously. what do you think

Dennis McShane , Eager to say the least. When I was minister, for eight years, we had genuine disagreements with President Chirac over mad cow disease, Iraq, or common agricultural policy… but Tony Blair would never have directly attacked the French president on the issues. social network. The problem is that Boris Johnson has problems within his party. He promised them a bright Brexit with full control and no immigrants, but the reality is more complicated. Next month is a very difficult by-election for Boris Johnson, so another short fight with France may pay off like it’s been 500 years in England.

Since the signing of the Touquet Agreement in 2003, when you were a minister, has nothing changed?

If, honestly, the Calais jungle was very different. But five or ten years ago there were a lot more illegal immigrants. Now access to the entire channel is like a military base. This is done very well by France and England. We should just cooperate instead of being in the limelight and attacking each other.

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How to get out of this Franco-British crisis?

Perhaps by closing its “mouth” … all European countries are concerned with mass movements of immigrants. If we turn every movement of these poor people into an internal political crisis, we will never find a solution. We shouldn’t try to take advantage of it like Mr. Zemour and Miss Le Pen, who promise to stop all immigration a few months before the French presidential election. It’s not very realistic.

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