Opera Unveils an Android and Windows Browser Dedicated to Cryptocurrency

Opera launched its web browser specializing in cryptocurrencies. This “crypto browser” is available in Early Access for Android, Windows and Mac. And an iOS version should appear soon. Opera wants to simplify access to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Also more understandable to everyone, especially to those who are not familiar with it.

You hear more and more about cryptocurrencies. These are decentralized virtual currencies, independent of the banking network and linked to an encryption system. there are several: Bitcoinfamous bitcoin cashIEthereumThe litecoin, or even Dogecoin which thanked Elon Musk for getting people talking about it. Other promising currencies are also available. These currencies can be bought and exchanged. They can be used to buy goods, not only on the dark web. For example, you can buy a Tesla for yourself.

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Depending on the cryptocurrency, you find the technology of blockchain, It is a system that decentralizes the interaction between users. If a blockchain user is removed, an algorithm evolves to replace them. Blockchain records all transactions. And everything is encrypted to ensure the security and continuity of information. A trend emerges from this notion of blockchain”decentralized applications“, or dApps that will work just like cryptocurrencies. DApps together will form a new web, which experts are already calling web3,

Opera launches blockchain-based browser

And that’s where opera comes in. The company has just launched a web browser specializing in cryptocurrencies and Web3. he it”crypto browser“. It is now available in Early Access at Android, Mac and Windows (Soon on iOS as well). It is a browser that allows you to consult classic websites, but also pre-existing “dApps”. The browser, by default, has some bookmarks for specific information sites. Also note that the rendering engine is still based on Chromiumlike other versions of Opera.

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Opera’s crypto browser includes a crypto wallet, to buy, sell and exchange your cryptocurrencies. It will also allow you to manage your NFTs, if you receive them. And it’s logical: NFT is also part of this Web3 and blockchain movement. With this browser, Opera wants to make technologies related to cryptocurrencies, but above all to the blockchain, accessible and understandable.

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