Open Effect: Tomorrow, all inventors?

Discover Open effect, The brand new Futura podcast dedicated to innovation. For this first episode, we offer a discussion around a simple question, but with fascinating implications: What is innovation in 2021?

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What does the notion of innovation mean? And more importantly, what is it ” open innovation That we listen as much as possible? With open innovation, has the possibility of inventing the world of tomorrow really become accessible to everyone? With this first episode ofOpen effect, We will talk about the platforms Digital, Collaborative tools or innovation labs, as well as Friedrich Vetcher and Gilles Gerrell, and we will ask how citizens can become actors in their future.

Who is the actor of innovation?

Le Petit Robert defines innovation as the action of innovation, to introduce something new into a field. A broad definition which, in its applications, has undergone many changes throughout history. According to the needs of large-scale societies, whether in crisis or in expansion, innovation is expressed through all types of catalysts. If we associate Renaissance innovation with individuals, such as Leonardo deware, Galileo Or Gutenberg, it takes on an industrial dimension as we approach XXI century. Nowadays, many companies define themselves The centers Incubators of innovation, new ideas.

And yet, the notion of innovation moves even further with a new revolution. Born in the academic circles during the 1970s, the origins of microcomputing were further enhanced by world Wide Web, culture the creator It is now in full bloom. Behind this new category of inventors hides a community of enthusiasts, amateurs and experts, they also want to participate in the changes happening in the world. They are found in many types of physical associates (such as) Fab lab, These open workshops are bringing together 3D printers, CNC, and other components necessary for the development and prototyping of new technologies), but at the same time, increasingly, virtual. Innovation is therefore everyone’s business, and we are going to showcase it to ourselves during these 20 minutes.

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Our speakers

After a mechanical engineering degree, Frédéric Vacher began his career at Dassault Aviation in 1992, then joined the Airbus, Division Software In the field of industrial, product lifecycle management. After a long stay in Tokyo, he joined Dassault Systems in 1998, where he became director of worldwide alliances and partnerships. This is only the beginning of their great collaboration with the company, 10 years later, Frédéric joined the strategy to support the company’s growth. Since then, he has been director of innovation, creating the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, Dassault Systèmes’ Innovation Innovation Laboratory in 2015. Based on the concept of social enterprise andwisdom Collectively, this laboratory relies on digital technologies, the virtual twin, to accelerate disruptive innovation that has a strong impact on our society, for a better world.

Supérieur de Kachan, an alumnus of the लेcole Criterion, is a graduate of higher education in Giles Gail Management Sciences and graduated from one. Hdr Of the IAE of the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. He is a professor at Ecole Polytechnic since 2006 and a professor of innovation management chair in Kannada since 2011, where he is now also in charge of the “Innovation” teaching team. He has conducted research in disruptive companies and organizations in various fields as well as in design and innovation management. In 2016, he co-produced Mousse “Innovating” with its partner Lo innovationc Petitgirard.

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