Only one out of five trains in circulation

The country is facing its biggest strike episode in 30 years. Tension is rising between the railway unions and the Conservative government.

Rail traffic remained disrupted on Saturday, the third day of rail workers’ strike in Britain. Britain’s rail strike, which began on Tuesday and Thursday, is the biggest rail strike the country has seen in over three decades. The claims relate to wages, which have not followed record inflation for 40 years in the United Kingdom. According to traffic forecasts, only one out of five trains should run and half the lines will remain closed. It is limited to the time slot of 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. There is a possibility of disruption on Sunday as well.

Steve Mongomery, chairman of the Rail Delivery Group, which represents UK rail operators, advised passengers not to travel.only if necessaryAnd find out about traffic conditions. The RMT union, which has called for a strike, has been demanding a wage hike in line with inflation, but “also condemns the possibility”.thousands of layoffsand deterioration of working conditions. ,In a modern economy, workers need to be fairly rewarded for their work, provided they have good conditions, and are given peace of mind not to lose their jobs.The organization’s general secretary, Mike Lynch, warned that the movement could spread without consent.

Conservatives step up

From Kigali, where he was attending the Commonwealth summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson speculated on Sky News that the British “have the right to expect basic reforms“especially in the face of”practices that are defended by none other than the leaders of the union“. Her government this week announced its intention to change the law to allow the use of temporary workers to replace strikers and to reduce the impact of social movements, which it believes are “inconsistent,

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For his part, Transportation Minister Grant Shapps accused RMT on Twitter of “Harm the lives of people who work hard every day“. This week’s strike has caused an estimated £150m (€174m) of damage to the region.

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