OnePlus is working on its own foldable smartphone

OnePlus is gearing up for the release of its next smartphone, the OnePlus 10 Pro, but is also working on another technology already offered by Samsung: a foldable model. As Let’s Go Digital Reports, Chinese company has filed a patent for a phone offering this format and design that is different from its competitors, We see a double hinge and the possibility of folding the smartphone thrice like a triangle, then unfolding it to make a tall tablet. The whole forms a kind of triangle. According to Let’s Go Digital, this means the OnePlus model will be thicker than the ones currently in vogue.

Foldable Smartphone Deposited by OnePlus – Credits: OnePlus, Let’s Go Digital

It remains to be seen whether Two Fold will suit the users. Because currently Samsung applies its rules in two formats: In book form like the Galaxy Z Fold range, and the Flip, like the Galaxy Z Flip range, We imagine OnePlus will fix it once the prototype is designed and tested. For the time being, this patent remains lightweight, even though the advent of a different smartphone from a design point of view could drive innovation.

As it should be noted, the Chinese company is not alone in eyeing the foldable telephone sector. It is rumored that Google is preparing a Pixel Fold, despite the rumors of abandonment. The Cupertino company keeps its secrets well guarded, despite the same thing for Apple and iPhone adopting this format.

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