OnePlus 9: The leaked images will showcase the upcoming 2021 flagship

OnePlus 9 probably won’t arrive until the spring of 2021, but thanks to a few pictures released PhoneArena, We don’t have to wait for a glimpse of it. The images are of a so-called prototype device complete with unique pre-produced branding and some software screengrabs reveal some additional details about the upcoming flagship.

First up: the screen. It looks like the OnePlus OnePlus 8 and 8 will stick to the flat screen format used – the 9 has a flash 6.55-inch display with a hole punch camera in the upper left corner. The screen of the OnePlus 8 Pro has a curved design around the edges of the phone that we accidentally touched more accidentally with the flat version. PhoneArena The 9’s screen reported as a 2400 x 1080 panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The pre-produced device seems to include the Snapdragon 8 processor, the preferred chipset of the 2021 flagship phone. And this leads to another previously leaked OnePlus 9 feature: 5G.

As for the imaging hardware, the images show a camera bump in the upper left corner of the back of the device. The previous models did not have the new “Ultra Shot” branding on the Narita, although it may or may not be on the final device. The glasses from this initial look do not give accurate details about the camera sensor resolution or focal length, but it seems likely that the two rear cameras seen in these photos will be of standard wide and ultraviolet modules. The third could be a macro or depth-sensitive camera.

Check out the SIM card slot and USB-C port on the upcoming OnePlus phone.
Photo: PhoneArena

Other details include a 4500 mAh battery, Android OS with Oxygen OS and a version with 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM (there will probably be an option with a different memory configuration). There is no definite launch date for the OnePlus 9, but the company’s schedule for past releases – and the timing of this leak – means spring is likely to be seen in early 2021.

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