OnePlus 10 Pro – The new generation of Hasselblad cameras officially unveiled

OnePlus is raising the temperature by unveiling the innovations of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s Hasselblad camera in advance.

oneplus 10 pro It will release in China on January 11 and then in Europe and the rest of the world during 2022. oneplus Decided to bring forward the date of presentation by making our mouth water.

The company tells us about the second generation Hasselblad camera in the OnePlus 10 Pro. The camera includes four major new features.

la solution oneplus billion color

This system allows natural calibration to be applied in over a billion colors on the OnePlus 10 Pro. For a more natural rendering, the smartphone takes color photos in full 10-bit mode.

The OnePlus 10 Pro captures images with 25% more coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut and can process 64x more colors than its predecessor.

The solution is available on the main sensor, telephoto and ultra-wide-angle sensors.

The picture below gives you an overview of the result.

Hasselblad Pro Gen 2 Mode

The OnePlus 10 Pro benefits from a new Hasselblad Pro Mode backed by three rear sensors. Thanks to this, you can take pictures in full 12-bit RAW mode and also in RAW+ format.

This format guarantees notably high quality dynamic range and better noise reduction.

An ultra wide-angle 150°

The ultra wide angle of OnePlus 10 Pro is 150°. It offers a field of view four times larger than the traditional ultra wide-angle. Thanks to this, the OnePlus 10 Pro can take pictures in fisheye mode.

Rest assured, it also knows how to capture images in 110° to avoid distortions and other distortions.

a video full of details

The last innovation pertains to the video mode which offers more flexibility. You can also adjust the ISO or shutter speed during recording.

The OnePlus 10 Pro also films in log format with greater dynamic range and more detail in light and shadow.

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