One tab for audio and video calls

To highlight the audio and video possibilities of its (Facebook) Messenger application, Meta adds a Calls tab that acts as a call log. Convenient to view all conversations and reach a correspondent.

For some time now, Messenger has been more than just an instant messenger for exchanging text messages. In fact, like WhatsApp, Skype, Signal, Discord or Viber, the Facebook application – previously integrated into the social network but which has been autonomous for years – allows you to make audio and/or video calls to your contacts. . A particularly practical and popular ceremony, but of which some are unaware of its existence. A situation that should change with a novelty discovered by Digital Trends that Meta – the company that owns Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram – is starting to deploy: mobile apps for Android and iOS, a call tab Equipped with. Like telephony applications, this section acts as a call log by listing all audio and video communications chronologically. You can easily find a communication and call a correspondent without rummaging through the options and menus.

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Messenger’s Calls tab: A real call log, like on a phone

A view of the function is revealed and the various information displayed in the Calls tab right at the bottom of the application. For each call, Facebook Messenger displays the profile picture of the person it recently contacted, with a little green bubble in the bottom right if they’re online. Next to it the first and last name is displayed, and below the means of communication – audio or video. You can also see whether the call is incoming or outgoing, as well as the time and day it was made. Finally, a button on the far right allows you to relaunch the call. At the top right, there are two buttons, one with the telephone and the other with the camera, that allow you to quickly initiate a call by selecting it from your contact list. The function is currently being deployed in the application, it will probably be necessary to wait a bit before the call tab appears on Facebook Messenger.

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This update is part of Meta’s desire to make Messenger a full-fledged application and to highlight the possibilities Messenger has to offer in terms of calls, especially for those who are not yet aware of this option. The group points out that there has been an increase in popularity on the audio and video call platform, with an increase of 40% compared to the beginning of 2020. In total, about 300 million audio and video calls are made every day on the platform.Messenger.

Recall that Facebook removed messaging from the main Facebook application in 2014 to prompt mobile users to download another – Facebook Messenger – to continue using the service. This was followed by video calling in 2015, followed by inter-app messaging with Instagram (acquired by the group in 2012). Recently, it added new shortcuts and other functions aimed at bringing Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, which it acquired in 2014, even closer.

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