One step away from EU and UK agreement

AGI – A few days after the end of the post-Brexit period, 1 January, the European Union Commission and the London Government may be one step away from the agreement on future trade relations. The conclusion of the agreement, which some British sources consider to be probable or definitive, will be the first step of entry into force on the basis of a trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union that will avoid the duty duties of customs starting 1 January 2021 is.

The path will begin with a proposal following an agreement between the two negotiating teams, with the final text, from the European Commission to the Member States and the European Parliament. The Council of the European Union is then entitled to decide on any provisional application which, in other words, may allow the text approved by the European Parliament and member states to implement the pending ratification immediately. But that decision will take a few days.

EU Council sources confirmed to AGI that a possible agreement would require a meeting of the Corper, or ambassadors of the EU states and as soon as possible, require a written process that would prompt the application of agreed text to avoid green Could light up. Fear of inconveniences arising otherwise from midnight (Brussels time) on 31 December.

With the fixation of all 27 EU states, it will therefore be possible to sign the text and publish it in the official journal, and hence this agreement will apply. In 2021, the original path of discussion and voting in the European Parliament should follow. This would be an actual examination of the contents of the agreement which, according to the first rumors, would be over 2,000 pages. The EU Council (where member states are represented) will have the last word after a possible OK by MEPs. But after the approval of the European Chamber, a process of verification can be followed by the Member States, requiring further steps in the national parliaments.

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This approval process, it should be recalled, concerns only one of the two contractors, namely the European Union. The United Kingdom should instead follow its internal approval process on a text agreed by the government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and even this step is not free from harm and unknown. Like those who went to undermine leadership on the occasion of the approval of the executive agreement led by Theresa May, the Prime Minister was forced to resign after being caught by a flurry of conservative party snipers.

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