One of the largest electrochemical storage plants in Europe in the UK

a system of accumulation electrochemical with the power of 100 MW and capacity 100 MW, intended to provide services for frequency adjustment network and to maximize the use of renewable energy Great Britain.

It is the power plant that the Chinese manufacturer of inverters and storage systems sungro Minty, debuted in the UK, looks like one of the most big energy storage system in Europe.

project is based two 50 mW batteries Developed by Pensi Power and financed by Chinese state-owned companies China Huaneng Group and CNIC Corporation. The power plant, initially equipped with a 50 MW battery installed in 2020, was completed by a second battery during 2021.

to be used for power plant avoid inconveniences As in the UK a few years ago, a momentary drop in grid frequency resulted in massive power outages. In view of this incident, the British authorities have given priority to the construction of large storage facilities to prevent this type of problem from happening again.

Nevertheless, the use of some of the larger storage systems already established at the time contributed to in order to stop a recession The total electricity system of the country.

Construction of Minty’s large storage facility began in late 2019. Sungro supplied both battery solutions nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) Che Al Lithium Iron Phosphate (LEP) with a high degree of integration. According to the Chinese company, these solutions have reduced space requirements, reduced commissioning times and reduced system costs by 5%.

The new storage system meets the latest UK frequency regulation requirement, dynamic containment. This means that the system should respond to the network’s power instructions within one second. As SunGrow notes, only 30% of large storage facilities in the UK are equipped with this facility.

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Meanwhile, Shell Energy Europe Ltd, the gas and electricity subsidiary of the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, has signed an agreement to power purchase agreement (PPA), i.e. a long-term power purchase agreement from the Minty Plant, the terms of which were not disclosed.

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