One month after the launch, Assassin’s Cred Valhalla XP Boosts 8 began selling Eurogamenet.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was launched in November for cosmetic extras for real money, but many were surprised that the XP Boost packs sold at Assin’s Credit Odyssey were clearly missing. No need to worry, everyone: Controversial microtransactions are here.

A recent update from Ubisoft has introduced XP Boosts at the Valhala Helix Store. Boost gives a 50 percent increase in expo progress and can be used across all save files. It will cost you, though: the Boost can be purchased with 1000 Helix credits, the equivalent of কেন 8.58. The same type of pack can be purchased to earn 50 percent more silver, while a pack combining both Silver and XP Boost will cost you 1500 Helix credits (or .8 12.88 if you buy 500 and 1050 packs).

XP’s enthusiasm was debated in Assassin’s Credit Odyssey, with players not only considering Microtransacts to be a full-price single-player title, but Odyssey’s slow leveling process and level gates, forcing some fans to claim that the game Encouraged.

Speaking to Game Informer, a representative from Ubisoft explained why microtransactions were added to Bhalla through an update.

“As more launch-post content becomes available, we want to give players the option to further their progress. Utility players who have the opportunity to fully tour Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to be able to achieve the best gear in the game as well as other items accelerate their progress instance, for example. These players can purchase maps that reveal some of the most interesting locations in the world, but they will have to watch and play to get their prizes. “

Of course, this microtransaction was available on Odyssey at the given time, with players noting that it seemed somewhat suspicious that Ubisoft had waited a month for release and reviewed the introduction of packs in Valla. On a more positive note, I have now completed the composition of the good story and there have been very few occasions where I felt it was necessary to encourage XP – except for the beginning, perhaps, where you can sometimes feel a little inferior. Or at one point I accidentally stumbled into a dream area too early.

And at least silverware isn’t really a problem for PC players, who have already created inventory editors to help them get almost any item they like.

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