One last Mac Pro under Intel in preparation?

The days of the Mac Pro with an Intel processor are numbered: Apple will have completed its transition to ARM chips of its own by 2022. Although Apple’s professional tower should be the last to switch to the Apple silicon architecture, and the Mac Current Pro released December 2019 is no longer too small. What if it had the right to the last update with Intel-supplied processors? that suggests one discovery Created by Brendan Shanks in the latest beta of Xcode, which includes references to the Ice Lake SP processor, the latest Xeon processor to date.

was envisioned Confirmed by Mark Gurmani Tomorrow night: Yes, Apple would do well on an update for its Mac Pro with Intel processors. We don’t know when it will release, but we imagine it will happen during this year without much fanfare. It’s really a question of satisfying professional users, but without looking at the image of Apple silicon chips: the announcement should take the form of a simple update to the Apple Store.

As for next year and Apple’s switch to silicon, Mark Gurman gave us some details last month: Apple will be planning two separate chips with 20 or 40 cores, or 16 or 32 cores, for performance. The savings backed by 4 or 8 cores for energy, not to mention 64 or 128 cores for graphics. The Mac Pro will replace the ARM chassis: it will be half the size of the current model.

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