One last chance for a new year special on the Nintendo Switch

As we enter 2021, Nintendo is offering us, as usual this year, several attractive discounts on the Nintendo Switch eShop. However, don’t wait to take advantage of it as the offer ends on January 21 inclusive, say Thursday of this week. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on your dream game for less.

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Club House Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

Club House Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is a game that, as its name suggests, 51 table games are playable on Switch. If you enjoy spending your time on this type of brain-drainage game, this is the perfect chance to get it.

Is $ 34.99 Is $ 49.99

Amar Phenix Rising

Immortals Phenix Rising is a game that is very reminiscent of Breast of the Wild The gameplayExcept that you are taken into the universe with a completely different mythology. Here you have to save the Greek gods in a vast open world because you are given a chosen name. Hours of fun are guaranteed for fans who will surpass similarities with other classics in the genre.

53.59 $ Is $ 79.99

Mario Maker 2

Mario Maker 2 is a Super Mario game where we can create our own levels, share them with other players and play at levels created by the community. If you are very creative you can spend most of your time creating new levels, or if you are more of a competitive type you can sometimes have fun beating other players’ very difficult levels.

Mario Maker 2

53.59 $ Is $ 79.99

Orient and the Will of the Whips

The Orient and the Will of the Wisps is a fascinating platform game, a sequel to Ory and the Blind Forest. This sometimes frustratingly accurate game will test your patience and your gaming skills, because despite its stunning beauty, it is an unforgivable game.

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Eaves and wisps

33.99 $ Is $ 39.99

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a good puzzle game that takes the player through various materials. It is simple enough to be enjoyed by children, it is enough to be enjoyed even by adults who do not expect a major challenge.

Yoshi created the world

55.99 $ Is $ 79.99

Just dance 2021

Just Dance 2021 is the latest in the Just Dance series, so it includes some hot hits that you can dance to. use of Speed ​​control, Which works great in switches, it will make the experience enjoyable for those who like to play on the move.

Bus 2021 dance

Is $ 35.99 Is $ 59.99

The hands

Another game that uses Speed ​​control The switch has an ARMS installed. ARMS is a fighting game that looks like a boxing game, only better than it is in Wii Sports. The characters use their arms to punch each other which can spread very far and retreat like springs. So the game asks you to take a Joy-Con in each hand and physically hit the screen to fight. Fun Guaranteed With Friends!


55.99 $ Is $ 79.99

Captain Todd: Treasure Tracker

Captain Todd: Treasure Tracker is a cute and simple puzzle game. You must solve the problems of each level to progress in the adventure, each level is usually built around a cube that you can see from your angles.

Captain tod

Is $ 34.99 Is $ 49.99

Kirby Star Partner

This fascinating platform-adventure game takes you into the world of Kirby, who possesses the special skill of being able to let his enemies take their form. Use this power to your advantage by attacking enemies with your vulnerability in this fascinating game that can be played up to four at any point in the adventure.

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kirby star associate

55.99 $ Is $ 79.99

Splintoon 2

We do not buy a switch for different shooting games, we will be very disappointed. But, while there is no console for shooter games, Splatoon 2 is quite at home on Switch. Its colorful style will additionally give you all the good reasons to buy a shooter on the Switch for matches played as a preferably local team.

Quietness 2

55.99 $ Is $ 79.99

Click here to see all the games on sale until 21 January. All values ​​in the article are shown in Canadian dollars and are subject to change. All games featured in the article are immediately available for download from the eShop and are available in the physical version, but the exemption does not apply to the cassette version of the game.

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