Oncologists want priority for vaccine

Many French people believe that teachers should have a preference for vaccination against Kovid-19, but what do they think about oniologists? In any case, the Union des Onlouge de France, owner of Didier Féges, pleads for his parish and writes to Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex to make the profession Be placed at the top of the waiting list to receive the vaccine.

It is known that coronovirus sometimes affects taste and smell. More than one third oncologist Those contracting Kovid-19 believe that the disease has affected their ability to work, according to a survey of over 2,600 professionals in the region. Didier Faizes told Reuters that to ask a winner to work without his nose, “is to ask a musician to play without his instrument.” Students also had to give up His alcohol course says after falling ill.

When asked by Reuters, Sophie Palas, who lives near the coaster, recounted her experience. “It was like being in a black hole. It was a terrible feeling, a total loss of my bearings,” she recalls. The wine “ceased to produce any emotion, any emotion, any pleasure, because all I could detect was alcohol and acidity.” After several months of rehabilitation, Sophie Paulas believes she has reclaimed most of her faculties, but says she still has difficulties with the “most complex note”.

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