Once again, Boris Johnson is ashamed of the party’s allegations

The British Prime Minister is accused of participating in a pot “with social distancing” in the gardens of Downing Street on May 20, 2020.

With the publication of an email in May 2020 mentioning a new incident, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced charges of violating health regulations against the coronavirus with embarrassing new revelations on Monday 10 January. After allegations of parties last Christmas time. The siege of power, which led to the opening of an internal investigation, has led to allegations in recent days about a party on May 20, 2020 in which the main government was allegedly present with his wife, Carrie, according to some British media. Was.

According to ITV News, Boris Johnson’s chief private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an email to about 100 people that day, inviting him “After an incredibly busy period“, Feather “enjoy the nice weatherin a potwith social distancingIn Downing Street Gardens. ,Join us from 6:00 PM and bring your own drinks», finished the message.

“Contempt” of hygiene rules

When asked – prior to this publication – about his appearance at the event, Boris Johnson contented himself with a embarrassed smile to refer to the ongoing investigation. Labor opposition number two Angela Renner from the head of governmenttells the truth“accusing him”reprehensible“Rule. “When he was partying, frontline workers put their lives on the line“He tweeted, referring to the health workers,”And a lot of us have lost loved ones and can’t say real goodbye to them.,

A month ago, Boris Johnson’s adviser Allegra Stratton resigned after the publication of a video in which she was allegedly joking about a Christmas party in Downing Street last year. Publication added by the newspaper’s website at the end of December Guardian (Left) A photograph showing the head of government and aides with glasses of cheese and wine in Downing Street Garden. The services of Boris Johnson replied that it was a working meeting.

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