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No, the British did not take it well for a change. In this case we are talking about Formula 1, which is the victory of the World Championship. Max Verstappen Against Lewis Hamilton, in the final GP of the season, following controversial decisions by race management on the safety car and on the final lap at the conclusion of the race. But the story is written: Red Bull and the Dutch champions, Mercedes and the British knock. The end of the regime (at least for now).

But how f***.  Bottas, Mercedes outraged on radio with box: Verstappen wins, and he ... |  listen

and so, like after the final euro 2020, English newspapers and tabloids scream scandal, piracy, and they do so with rare brutality headlines. They are not there, they want Hamilton’s eighth world title, and they welcome the defeat in a wide way. A condition that seems to be in their DNA.

Tam-tam crazy in Paris, the paragraph that captions Hamilton: Anarchy-F1, towards turnaround?

to open dances daily Telegraph, which is going straight to (their) point in the headlines: “hamilton robbed“. Like this daily mail Which speaks of “Grand Theft Auto”, a legal term used throughout the channel to denote car theft, as well as a quote from a famous video game. No, the British didn’t take it well…

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