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Life and career of Geskoign They became a film. And tomorrow 23 December fans and enthusiasts will be told Prime videoAmazon platform. The former Tottenham and Lazio midfielder, whose history includes fans of the football world, will be the protagonist for a debut film directed by Jane Preston and distributed by 102 Distribution and Summerland Film. Collaboration with Lazio. “Gescoign” There will be a set of stories and memories, told with the same voice of “Gaza” as well as the sounds of three illustrious names in modern football: Gary LincarFormer center forward who knew him the most, Wayne ROONEY And coach jose Mourinho, His great admirer.

“Gascoigne” is the story of the game and above all the human parables of a footballer who went down in history for his brilliant plays, but also for his daring, unpredictable and at the same time weak character.

“This is a story that has fascinated me because I was a journalist in the 1990s – the director said Jane preston – He is the most talented and beloved footballer of his generation. A ferocious nonconformist with a ferocious free kick and the ability to dribble entire teams. His big game and heartbreaking tears at the World Cup in Italy made international audiences of over 90 million, famous in the UK and around the world. This was Gasconi’s defining time and the day “Gazamania” was born. But, while Gascoyne was hailed as the most talented player the world has ever seen, in his personal life he was an imperfect genius battling a host of personal demons. This is the story of Paul Gasconik. A Man. Great man. Told with his own words ».

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