On Netflix, the weird story of “Nightmare Before Christmas”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”, an animation classic, has a path strewn with loss. On Netflix, an episode of the documentary series “The Holiday Movies That Made It Us” appears behind the scenes of the feature film. An opportunity to review some of the anecdotes surrounding Tim Burton’s film.

WhyThe European Union Am i watching what do I see ? “ When he enters Noel-Ville’s world, covered with snow and in a good mood, Halloween-Ville’s skeletal Jack Skellington is stunned. The Pumpkin King then decides to borrow some Christmas magic to escape the monotony of ghosts, zombies, and other monsters in his world. However, taking himself for Santa Claus is not without consequences …

Holiday Movies That Made Us Returns to the absurd story of, on Netflix Mr jack’s weird christmas. From the beginning of Tim Burton at Disney to the film’s release, the episode of the documentary series comically evokes the history of the stop-motion animation classic. Here are some bizarre stories surrounding the film.

1. Film directed by Henry Selick …

Although Tim Burton adapted from an original idea while working for Disney, Mr jack’s weird christmas The results of a team work led by Henry Selick. Tim Burton’s unclassified comrade, Celik, gathered in San Francisco, a brigade of animation outsiders in the early 1990s, to give life for his friend’s staggering project. Holiday Movies That Made Us Thanks to the intervention of Danny Elfman, composer, Carolyn Thompson, screenwriter, and some archive images, describes his commendable collective work.

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Involved in realization of same time Batman, the challenge (1992, USA / UK) In Los Angeles, Tim Burton oversees the project remotely. However his name is associated with the animated film when it was released … for promotional reasons.

2. The Deepest Disney Animated Film

In the 1980s, the Dream Factory recovered with difficulty from the death of its founder in 1966. Proposed by Tim Burton, a certain hero, the idea of ​​bringing together the world of Halloween and Christmas made by a skeleton hero does not match. Not here “Fascinating stories, full of emotion and good feelings” Like Disney, Mary Poppins, Snow White or Cinderella.

When the director «Frontier» And “Freak”, After a successful ten years, Jack, Disney, decides to give life to the owner of the film’s rights – as Tim Burton develops the idea while he works for the studio – decides to produce his film .

Far from the good pictures and landscapes of the house, Jack’s story has everything to get in the headlines. The protagonist almost had eyes to look more attractive. No wonder, then, that the people who unveiled the first images were of a very Christmas village, not of the black, white and orange universe of the Pumpkin King…

Jack, the protagonist, was almost eyed to look more attractive.

© Touchstone

3. Set and soundtrack were created before the storyboard

Development of sets and characters Mr jack’s weird christmas Did not wait for the writing of the final screenplay, initially assigned to Michael McDowell. Seeing the later submission delays, Tim Burton’s comrade Danny Elfman incorporated the film’s soundtrack, Lyrics, without a storyboard. As time passed, the script was eventually handed over to Caroline Thompson Edward Scissorhands (1990, United States, Tim Burton), then Funeral (2005, Tim Burton and Mike Johnson, USA).

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4. The film is made of hundred thousand photographs

Episode of Holiday Movies That Made Us Many unveil behind the scenes that allow you to discover the creators’ silversmith work Mr jack’s weird christmas. In total, approximately one million images frame an animated feature frame. For a one-minute film, at the rate of a week, it took nearly three years to get Jack and Sally’s world on screen.

5. Upon release, Mr jack’s weird christmas Expected success not found

When it was released in 1993, and despite being labeled “Tim Burton”, the excitement around the film fell like a breath and only brought in 50 million. It was only in years and its release on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray that it became a classic. The discovery of its backstage creates a strong desire to dive back into it …

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