On Elizabeth II’s birth anniversary, Cyril Hanona mocks Bertrand Deckers, internet users angry

Bertrand Deckers was invited to the TPMP to talk about the birth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. Internet users were outraged by the behavior of Cyril Hanona.

This Wednesday at the TPMP, Cyril Hanona invited Bertrand Deckers, an expert on royal families. When he was interpreting Queen Elizabeth II during the Platinum Jubilee, the host cut him several times. An attitude that the audience did not like.

Bertrand Deckers TPMP Fans

From June 2 to June 5, the United Kingdom will celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The British are eagerly awaiting this extraordinary event while the British monarch has been facing some health concerns for several months now. To talk about the celebrations, Cyril Hanouna Invited journalist Bertrand DeckerPassionate about royal families.

Thus the columnist wanted to convey what Platinum Jubilee really meant for English. However, Cyril Hanona did not concentrate and several times cut off his guest. ,what do i care about 70 years old, They said. Bertrand Deckers tried his best not to be disturbed by the host.

,70 years is extraordinary […], England has never had a platinum jubilee“, he said. Bertrand Deckers was happy to present this topic to the TPMP, but Cyril Hanona teased him several times.”Calm down, you all get excited when you talk about it”, he told his guest before adding: ,go ahead, get your ticket, go out,

Internet user angry with Cyril Hanouna

If Bertrand Deckers doubles down on his efforts to continue his explanation on the Platinum Jubilee, Cyril Hanona asks him several times to calm down. An attitude that didn’t really please the audience, who saw it as disrespect. ,Congrats for not moving as long as your eyes were shining… This lack of respect is unacceptable. I am disappointed with Cyril Hanouna“, wrote a user.

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Internet users found this sequence annoying and expected to be able to hear Bertrand Deckers in TPMP. ,Cyril that only hinders him with a 2-ball valve, it’s heavy…,What disrespect for Bertrand and the Queen!! But does he know who this queen is?! gloomy“, can we read between the comments on Twitter.

other internet users have Don’t hesitate to congratulate the journalist To remain calm throughout your column. ,what a smile ! What a cuff! What a spectacle! The constant mockery of Cyril Hanouna suffered”, wrote one fan.

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