Omicron: Switzerland shortens the period of quarantine of contact cases

The Swiss health authority has decided that given the rapid progress of Omicron, cantons can reduce the quarantine of contact cases to 7 days instead of the earlier 10.

The Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) thus hopes to “flatten the epidemiological curve while disrupting the most likely transmission and limiting the impact of quarantine measures on society”, it indicates in its new recommendations, which that is sent to the canton.

From now on, “the period of quarantine has been reduced to 7 days and is limited to people living together or having intimate contact with a person who has tested positive”.

These people are exempted from quarantine if they have received their last dose of vaccine for less than four months or have been cured for less than 4 months. Tests are not needed to end the quarantine.

However, quarantine will now apply to those who have been vaccinated for more than 4 months.

To counter the fifth wave of Covid-19 and, if possible, limit infections linked to Omicron, the government, on 17 December, mandated teleworking and strengthening the number of participants in private meetings by limiting access to interior spaces and Decided on new restrictions. The compulsion to wear a mask, among others.

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