Omicron: Netherlands towards lockdown, UK also thinks about it. With only the third dose in Austria. German Minister: “Molecular Buffer Inbound”

Variant Omron It is “spreading at the speed of light” in Europe and more and more countries are imposing new restrictions. Afterwards criticisms With new rules established for national territory entering Italy arriving from the European Union in recent days, some countries have decided to take an even stricter line. For example, Austria has decided that it will be able to enter the country without Sanctions Only people who have already received a third dose of the vaccine. In Germany, however, the health ministers of the landers have asked that all passengers over the age of 6 who have been in the country in which the Omicron variant has been detected in the past 10 days be subjected to a molecular swab. This is as far as security from outside is concerned. But in the past few hours the concept of internal security has also been moving forward in some countries, bringing back the most stringent measures: lockdown, In the Netherlands, where the scientific community has asked the government to impose tighter restrictions to avoid being overwhelming, the decision should come during a press conference called for late afternoon. premier route, One road, the closure of all unnecessary businesses, which England is also thinking about boris johnson, for days battling an impressive increase in infections.

Austria without restrictions for vaccines only – from Monday 20 December Only people who have already received their third dose of anti-Covid vaccine will be able to enter Austria without any restrictions., People who have been vaccinated (but have not yet received a third dose) or have recovered will need PCR negative swabs no older than 72 hours. For non-immunized people, instead, a ten-day quarantine is introduced, with isolation that can be interrupted after five days with a negative molecular test. “Only in this way can we stop the spread of Omicron”“, Austria’s Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said, announcing the measure which will go into effect from next Monday. The measure does not apply to children up to 12 years old, pregnant women and people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. can. for cross border travelers instead of this, Pass ‘3-G’ (cured, vaccinated or tested). However, did not fail to decide Conflict, President of Elevator Operators in Austria, Franz horly, he called the measure “completely out of this world”. With such a short notice, he remarked, it would not be feasible for multi-day travelers to reach here. Austria, However, until a few days ago, they had not screened any travelers leaving or specifically arriving in Vienna, as evidenced by a field investigation by

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Holland side lockdown – according to reports Important Media DutchThe National Outbreak Management Team has recommended “tough measures” to the government to contain its spread Type omicronWith the closure of restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and non-essential shops. Announcement is expected tonight at 7 p.m. during a press conference by Premier Mark rote, Health Minister K. Hugo the Younger Head of the Rivam Institute of Public Health, jap van desele, The conference, local newspapers explained, will come shortly after an emergency government meeting scheduled for this afternoon, at which decisions will be made. Already at the beginning of the week, the government had extended the restrictions in force from November 28 last till January 14, which also included locking down all. Services not necessary Between 5 pm to 5 am. The Omicron version currently accounts for a quarter of ad cases amsterdam And, according to the Dutch broadcaster we, data shows that the number of Omicron cases out of the total number of infections in the capital doubles every two or three days: according to this trend, it is expected that the variant will become dominant in Amsterdam next Week,

Boris Johnson also rated Dura Line – in the United Kingdom Rights they’re working on an imaginary plan lockdown Two weeks later Christmas, which includes banning indoor meetings except for business reasons and limiting service to outside pubs and restaurants only. to report this draft Times, explaining that the measures would be aimed at slowing the spread of the Omicron variant coronavirus, According to the newspaper, however, the premier boris johnson It has yet to approve the plan and does not intend to “shut down”. financial Times Reports that Johnson was presented with several options for a so-called ‘.plan c‘, ranging from “continuous directions”. So far lockdown, According to aides of the British premier cited by the Financial Times, Johnson will be more oriented towards rows guide, but he still has to be realistic about the danger of the Omicron version. in between BBC Told that the Rishi Expert Committee (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), in a meeting held on Thursday and whose broadcasters were able to view the minutes, said it was necessary to adopt more restrictive measures in England as soon as possible because of the spread of the Omicron variant coronavirus There is a danger of 3 thousand hospitalizations per day. The advisors seem to have recommended switching to Sanctions Already seen in the easy phase of in April lockdown, with restrictions on meeting others inside the home nucleus the household, The committee also warned that “the timing of the measures is critical” and that “delaying them to 2022 will result in substantial reductions”. Effectiveness“. To contain the increase in cases, according to experts, a lockdown will be needed before Christmas as “it may be too late”.

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Urgent meeting in Germany – I health minister federal government and lander germans are meeting at an emergency summit today to discuss the situation in global pandemic and vaccine stock in the country. Health Minister recently raised alarm Karl Lauterbachconcerned about the shares of Vaccines for the first quarter of 2022. Lauterbach intends to acquire large quantities of VaccinesHowever, 35 million doses of Moderna Vaccine have been announced earlier than expected. For their part, the health ministers of the German landers have called for stricter rules passenger entering the country. measures, announced in a resolution anticipated by ministersdpa agency, should apply to travelers from countries affected by the variant omicron, “Making the entrances secure helps prevent the rapid spread of Variant Omron“They told DPA Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. “We can’t stop him Spreading, just take it slow. The longer it takes for Omicron to spread to Germany, the better,” he said. In particular, for all passenger Chief 6 years who have lived in the country where the Omicron variant was detected in the past 10 days, a testing molecular Negative, test antigenico This will no longer be enough.

France, Paris New Year canceled France also Tightened border controls with the United Kingdom, where more than 93 thousand infections were recorded on Friday 17 December alone, but also its internal rules. The Green Health Pass will become a “Vaccination Pass” at the beginning of the year that can only be activated with a complete immunization program and is no longer a simple negative buffer. Not only this: it will eclipse from Wednesday 22 December Children aged 5 to 11 years away from vaccination, This was announced by Health Minister Olivier Veran stating that the doses would be administered “in centers suitable for children”, adding that from January 30 the vaccines would become mandatory for health workers and firefighters. He then explained to France Inter that “we have several hospital groups of the Omicron variant, especially in the Paris area”. 10% of the total number of new coronavirus cases in France It is doubtful that they are traceable Right on Omicron. For this reason, the City Hall of Paris has announced the cancellation of fireworks and concerts on the Champs-Elysees for New Year’s Eve.

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