Olympic medal to watch: DRC Rover Namazide wants to show strength in World Cup

It was a shot on the bow for a German double scull. The German Rowing Association’s parade boat finished only third in the European Championships, clearly behind the Netherlands and even ahead of Great Britain. “We have to reflect on our strengths to take the next step and then reach the Olympic medal,” says Carlota Namazide of DRC Hannover. She has been securing a ticket to Tokyo and a place in the boat for a long time. The World Cup started in Zagreb from Friday.


This should happen now, says Thorsten Zimmer, keeping in mind the international competition. He is a trainer on a federal basis in Hanover and works a lot with Yayazide, especially on technical fine-tuning. For this, the 25-year-old often travels from Berlin, where the DRVs rogue train. In the last few months, the main objective was to identify themselves nationally and capture locations in boats. This is especially true for Forsum, which is a guarantee of precious metal in the most important competitions.

More Games In the hanover region

There will probably be only competition in the next World Cup

This World Cup is not one of them, however, only four teams have registered in double fours. In addition to DRV, France, Switzerland and Poland are also participating. “Polish women entered the finals at the European Championships due to injuries, but they are certainly candidates for medals at the Olympics as well,” says Zimmer. So it should be an interesting duel that starts on Friday with a lane delivery race and continues to the finals on Sunday. ‚ÄúDespite the small area, this start is important. We want to improve from regatta to regatta.

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Zimmer still feels that a medal is possible in Tokyo, although the competition is clearly not sleeping and will probably be seen in the next World Cup in Switzerland over the next four weeks. This includes not only Holland and Great Britain, but all the world winners China. How strong the DRV crew is can also be seen.

Belt eight with Arnold and Handling forgiven

In the German Belt Eight, Marie-Catherine Arnold from Hanovershe RC and Frauk Hundling from DRC sacrificed Zereb. The crew is fully focused on the Olympic qualification regatta from 15 May to 17 in Lucerne. Then two tickets to Tokyo will be given.

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