Olympic Diving Champion Tom Daly Creates His Own Knitting Brand

Tom Daly, Olympic champion in synchronized diving at 10 meters and model for the LGBT community, is also a big fan of knitting. With Made With Love, he shares his passion with his community.

At the Tokyo Olympics last summer, Tom Daly won a gold medal in 10-meter synchronized diving with teammate Matty Lee, as well as a bronze medal in individual 10-meter diving. But he made the rounds of social networks for another reason: When he wasn’t performing, the Briton would pull out his needles and weave from the stands. She fell in love with the activity in March 2020, and last Thursday she launched her own knitting brand: Made with Love by Tom Daly.

Back to Tom Daly’s Extraordinary Sports Career

Born in 1994 in Plymouth, England, Tom Daly began diving competitively at a young age. At 13 years and 10 months, he became the youngest European diving and swimming champion in history; The following year, he heads home, becoming the youngest diving world champion in history. That year, in 2009, he led Britain to its first world title in the discipline. At the London 2012 Olympic Games, Adidas Muse and British Darling, she won an individual bronze medal. Since then, Tom Daly has been a sporting reference, and his career has been confirmed by his performances on the team and individually in Tokyo this summer.

Model and committed athlete of the LGBT community

Tom Daly is very present on social networks where he regularly takes a stand to defend causes that are close to his heart. After being active on a YouTube channel for several years, he came out there and announced his relationship with an American screenwriter. He works actively to help the LGBT community, especially in the world of sports: ” As a queer athlete, I feel I have an obligation to help my community because being yourself has the power to change people’s hearts. And if you can change their heart, you can change their mind Her passion for knitting also allows her to become engaged: her creations allow her to raise money for associations such as the brain tumor charity, in tribute to her father, who died of a tumor in 2011.

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Made With Love by Tom Daly: Your Opportunity to Start Knitting!

Made With Love launched by Tom Daly, the athlete’s knitting brand, on Thursday, November 25, 2021. At its online store, knitting kits are on sale, so you can search for activity and create a variety of creations. On program: cardigan, hat, scarf, blanket, Christmas sweater; Prices range between £30 and £145. The kit contains the yarn needed for knitting, needles, and an explanatory guide. There is something for everyone, with products being divided into four categories according to the difficulty of their acquisition: Beginner, Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. This first collection is referred to as 1896, in reference to the first modern Olympic Games. An opportunity to discover her passion for the athlete’s community, which represents a daily help to her. On his Instagram account he explains that weaving is ” the only thing that kept me alert this whole time ,

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