Olivier Veran is interviewed during 20 hours of TF1

Olivier Veran was the guest, this evening of January 21, of TF1’s television news. He referred to the vaccination campaign, the English version, and recognized that a third imprisonment was a possible remedy.

“Overbooking” problem in some centers

The Minister of Health answered Gileus Booleo’s questions on the difficulties faced by immunization centers, telephone switchboards, or even websites. “In 95% of cases, things are very notable“Regarding the vaccination campaign, retired Olivier Wren, fronted by Gillis Bouleau, faces two million vaccination appointments. Facing the problems at the center, the minister noted a problem”.Surbooking“”They made more appointments than the dose available for vaccination“As per the instructions of the government, these summons will not be canceled but will be postponed”A week or twoThe priority today is to have a second injection for those already vaccinated. Starting next Tuesday, 500,000 new vaccination sites should remain open and, at the end of January, Mr. Veron expects 1.3 million. Vaccination He assured that by the end of August, those who wish could be vaccinated.

Possible re-prevention in the event of an outbreak due to the English version

Today, France has 1% and 1.5% positive cases per day corresponding to the English version, that is, approximately 200 to 300 cases per day. “We are doing everything we can to stop the spread of this variant“, The Health Minister noted. He instigates a virus that does not give.”No more serious matters“But who is”More contagious, even more contagious“So will the curfew be effective enough to deal with it?”We will soon find out whether the curfew is effective nationally, but what I do know is that where we put it early, on January 2 in 15 departments, we saw a drop in epidemic pressure there“, Emphasizes Olivier Veran. But the outbreak of an epidemic cannot be ruled out and it will lead to a new development of health measures.”It can go to imprisonment“Who says that recognizes the minister”We are not there today“But the English version can be a game changer.”If we have to enter the English landscape, especially because of the spread and this type of diffusion, then we will be in the case of a wave and we will avoid it by measures which have already shown evidence of their efficiency.”, The minister says.

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Craft masks are no longer recommended

Category 1 consumer filter masks are still considered adequate to protect against coronovirus and there is no need to adopt surgical masks. On the other hand, the Health Minister now recommends not to use homemade masks. “Starting tomorrow, we will send 45 million free general public masks by La Poste to about 7 million French people, whose financial status does not necessarily allow them to equip themselves.“, he adds.

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