Old, modern technology and honor

In party speeches, older people will be treated with respect and dignity in this country, but in everyday life they are empowered. If they don’t have a smartphone, well and good. We appreciate completely new technology and digital solutions, partly because it is rational, future-oriented and often environmentally friendly. But there is a limit.

We should not cultivate our own “smartness”, allowing us to send people to a pile of scraps because they do not master modern technology. When everyone is going through the same funnel, to avoid stamping the date, we forget important human values.

Technological discrimination makes many people feel isolated and insecure, among other things, when they have to use fully needed services. It is understandable that many people feel directly discriminated against in everyday life, whether they need help in the bank or use public transport services.

In all the hustle and bustle, one has often forgotten the training of a generation that has continuously solved its own challenges for most of life. Many now have children or grandchildren to help.

If you do not have a smartphone it is not possible to pay for the bus. This is an example of the lack of respect for elders. Many express that they feel they are cut off from using the bus, which we ask for environmental reasons that people use as much as possible. .

It makes sense that banks, which are losing their customer base at a record pace, are using energy to change user habits. We do this in the media as well. Many have fixed it, but the problem is many. These are often older people who do not like to get upset or complain.

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They can then isolate themselves socially, if services are not available in practice. When banks are no longer being humiliated by those who need advice and assistance, it can easily be a resignation or a nod; They should not be in the way. It is easy to stare blindly at your own data, especially when they are predictable.

Just when it comes to public transportation, some practical challenges may be about Corona, but the extreme impatience and preoccupation of embracing everyone with smart solutions has been very cruel for some time. We must give a constant dimension that life is not an assembly line – and that not everyone spends their lives on Facebook all the time or downloading applications.

We can learn something about life by removing our blind and talking to each other …

Mini Leader: Wanted: Soul

VG writes that Norway has had very little sun in December. In the capital, the citizens of Oslo could enjoy six hours of sun on 1 December, since then it is only gray weather.

From the north of Norway, we can yet report that it is not only gray, but is actually completely dark, so far in December.

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