Officials confirm that all 132 people on board the Boeing that crashed in China have been killed

“On March 21, all 123 passengers and nine crew members of China Eastern Company Flight MU5735 died,” Hu Zhenjiang, deputy director general of the Civil Aviation Administration, said during a news conference.

“One hundred and twenty victims can be identified by their DNA,” Hu Zhenjiang said.

Drones, rescue teams and thermal cameras were mobilized at the crash site near the city of Wuzhou in China’s Guangxi province, and dozens of relatives of victims await the results of the research.

Expectations were slim, with the device violently collapsing before igniting after the impact. The force of the impact had thrown parts of the aircraft and objects belonging to the passengers over a large area.

The first black box to record conversations in the cockpit was found on Wednesday and sent to Beijing for analysis.

Rescuers go through the site with a fine-toothed comb to find the other, which includes flight data such as speed, altitude and heading.

With these elements, investigators should be able to determine the cause of the crash of the plane, which fell several thousand meters in a matter of minutes, despite mild weather.

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