Octopuses, crabs and lobsters officially recognized as “sentimental creatures”

Another small step for animal welfare. In the UK, an independent study conducted by the government found that octopuses, crabs and lobsters have a certain sensitivity and can feel pain. They will now be included in the draft law on the protection of animals.

Since 2015, the French Civil Code recognizes animals as ” sentient beings”, The UK is set to do just that with an animal welfare bill, Animal Welfare (Sense) Bill, To this end, the British government commissioned an independent review to determine whether some invertebrates could be subject to pain-like sensations. NS London School of Economics and Political Science has just concluded: octopuses, squid, shrimp and lobsters have been identified as ” sentient beings,

The body defines emotion as: “The ability to experience sensations such as pain, pleasure, hunger, thirst, heat, pleasure, comfort, and excitement”, To determine whether cephalopods (a class of mollusks) and decapods (crustaceans with five pairs of legs) were affected by this form of sensitivity, London School of Economics and Political Science Reviewed more than 300 scientific studies. review confirmed that there are “Solid proof” of this feeling in these living beings.

rules to protect animals

As reported, the report comes with a number of recommendations to ensure the well-being of these invertebrates. slate, These include a ban on the sale of live crabs and lobsters. Unqualified and non-expert manipulator » Or the prohibition of certain methods of slaughter such as scorching and live fragmentation.

Several countries such as Switzerland and New Zealand have already banned boiling live crustaceans. If the UK Animal Welfare Bill is passed, the UK will join in.

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I am glad that the government has implemented the central recommendation from the report of my team. ”, said Jonathan Birch, in charge of the study. London School of Economics and political science, near business Insider, according to him, ” Octopuses and other cephalopods have been protected by science for years, but until now they have received no protection outside of science, ,

By including cephalopods and decapods in its Animal Welfare Bill, United Kingdom A new step has been taken in the fight against cruelty to animals.

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