Occitanie: Scientific Treasures of the Region

This article comes from the journal Science et Avenir-La Recherche n° 893/894 dated July-August 2021.


Bramabia. the abyss

Guard. The Cevens Valley has been explored for almost a century. Carved into limestone by the Bonheur River, it consists of an underground network, with various impacts extending over 10 km. Visitors explore different stages, one accompanied by a guide. Departure takes place underground.


wolves of gevaudan

Lozere. It is in the vicinity of this animal park that the legend of the Beast of Gewodon took shape after attacks that claimed a hundred victims between 1764 and 1767. Two and a half hundred years later, the mystery over them remains. Because of this black range, but about ten kilometers from Marvejol, this 20-hectare park in the center of Lozre has made Gévoudan a privileged place for humans and wolves to reconcile. In total, 136 wolves of five different subspecies are kept semi-freely in large enclosures. But on natural paths, everything is done so that travel, free or guided, allows observation of different packs to several equipped stations. It takes about three hours to walk around it.

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