Observe the 4 aligned planets and the spectacular synergy of Venus with Jupiter!

After the spectacular alignment of the four planets (more details in the article below), this is a . it’s turn combination to adorn the sky of the night At the end of April 2022. Actually, the planet Jupiter And Venus They have been gradually coming closer to each other in the sky since mid-April, and will be only 0.2° apart on May 1. completely visible toEye Naked, they can be seen at the end of the night, about 5:30 AM, shortly beforedawn,

After this date, they will again move across the sky while remaining relatively close. Then, at the end of May, it will be the turn of Jupiter and Mars for a show which will be visible from 4 am onwards.

4 Planetary Alignments to Watch Until Summer

article of Lee Fornason Published on 04/17/2022

This is a rare configuration that will grace the night sky from this Sunday, April 17th: a Correct Alignment of the Four PlanetsVenus, Mars, Saturn planet and Jupiter. Three are already visible together in the sky before the end of March; they will soon be joined by gas giant Jupiter which will be closer to the horizon. In collegeNorthern hemisphere will be able to enjoy the show till the end of the month, a . with culmination Around 23 April. Maximum visibility will be between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. when Jupiter crosses the horizon. After this date, the planets will appear close together, but will no longer form a single line.

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but most good event still to come! These are all planets on June 24, 2022 Solar system Which will line up in the sky: This is called the Parade of the Planets. Only five of them are visible to the naked eye: wed, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. for the last two, Neptune And Uranusfrom astronomical telescope or a Telescope will be needed. all run from east to south – or north to eastSouthern hemisphereAnd they are not necessarily visible at the same time of night because of their long stretch across the sky.

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