NYC mayor says 1% of people tested across the city are positive for Covid-19, a record low

NYC mayor says 1% of people tested across the city are positive for Covid-19, a record low
A screenshot from a video published by the World Health Organization shows that WHO Technical Leader Maria Van Kerkhove spoke at a virtual news briefing about COVID-19 from the WHO center in Geneva on Monday (April 6th). AFP / Getty Images

The World Health Organization today discussed the confusion that an official said Monday that Covid-19 would spread by asymptomatic people. “looks rare.”

“It is still uncommon for an asymptomatic person to actually go to a secondary person,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s coronavirus response and head of the emerging disease and zoonosis unit technical leader.

But then today, during the live Q&A, he explained that “this is an important unknown thing”.

“We know that some people who are asymptomatic or some people without symptoms can transmit the virus – so we need to better understand how many people in the population have no symptoms.” Said.

He made more explanations:

“There were very few studies that I mentioned yesterday at the press conference, trying to look at asymptomatic cases over time… This is a very small working group and so I was answering a question at the press conference. I do not specify a policy, “said Van Kerkhove.” Some modeling groups tried to estimate the proportion of asymptomatic people that could be transmitted because this was a great unknown, because there was so much unknown around it. “

Dr. WHO Health Emergency Program general manager Dr. Mike Ryan said there is still much to learn about the possible asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus during live Q&A.

“Whatever the rate of the disease is transmitted from asymptomatic individuals, this is unknown, as Maria says,” said Ryan. Said. “There is a lot to answer, a lot of unknowns.”

Ryan added that the virus, a pathogen found in the upper respiratory tract, is transmitted through droplets, as someone coughed or sneezed, but some research suggests that it can spread through speech.

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Earlier, on Monday, Van Kerkhove said that asymptomatic Covid-19 cases often turn into mild disease cases.

“When we come back and say how many are really asymptomatic, we see that many of them have a really mild disease,” Van Kerkhove said on Monday. Said.

Remember: A truly asymptomatic person has no symptoms and does not improve the symptoms of Covid-19. The term paucisymptomatic, however, refers to atypical or very mild symptoms and early stages of a pre-symptomatic disease before symptoms develop.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 40% of coronavirus transmission occurs before people feel sick in planning scenarios.

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