NYC Elections manager to pay $ 2,500 in luxury hotel stays

As if the entire first generation was not bad enough.

Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the New York City Election Board, agreed to pay a $ 2,500 fine to receive an illegal gift from the contractor who supplied voters at Gotham’s 1,200 voting sites.

According to an agreement announced by the city’s ethical observation agency, Ryan accepted luxury accommodation at the Marriott Marquis Times Square hotel in Manhattan in 2016.

The person residing in Staten Island also served on the national advisory board of Nebraska-based Election Systems and Software, which was a contractor for five years.

However, in 2018, he resigned after questions were asked after ES&S paid for trips to attend conferences across the country.

Ryan’s ethics wing is the final embarrassment to swallow the empty election agency resulting from misappropriating the distribution of ballot papers during Tuesday’s primary elections, including not allowing Democrats to vote in the policy of the small Service America Movement party.

Voters also complained that they did not receive their absenteeism or mail-in votes to avoid personally voting during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In 2016, ES&S held a Customer Advisory Board meeting in Manhattan. Executive Director lives on Staten Island. ES&S paid the Executive Director to spend two nights in a Manhattan hotel, which costs about $ 760. “The Executive Director had no reason to stay in the hotel because the BOE went to Manhattan every business day to do its job.”

As part of the deal, Ryan admitted that he violated the city charter, which prevented government officials from receiving gifts from the ES&S contractor during the conference sponsored by the firm in Manhattan.

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“On August 4, 2016, I attended an Advisory Board meeting at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan, where I presented at 8:45. On the night of August 3, 2016, I socialized with other Advisory Board members. Such a socialization was typical in the nights before the Advisory Board meetings, to attend the Advisory Board meeting the next day. ”

“ES&S paid two nights at the Marriott Marquis – August 4, 2016 – to spend two nights. The cost of accommodation in this hotel is recommended for $ 762.80. August 5, 2016 BOE reported that it is working normally in the Executive Office.

He said, “I represent what I believe is the purpose of a City for the first night of my hotel stay at Martel Marquis because it was useless for me to present my Advisory Board from my home in Staten Island. At 8:45 am on August 4, 2016, after socializing with other Advisory Board members in Manhattan the night before, ”he said.

“I did not have a similar belief to justify the second night of my hotel stay. Now I agree that there is no City purpose as I stay at a hotel in New York because I travel every day between Staten Island and Manhattan to do my Boten business. Although I hadn’t noticed at the time, now I agree to stay at a two-night hotel from ES & S at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan, I agree that it violated City Charter § 2604 (b) (5): “ No government official, management He will accept a precious gift as defined by the rule of his board from any person or company that such a civil servant knows or plans to join in business relations with the city … ”

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Ryan said he received the blessing of the ethics agency before joining ES & S’s national advisory board as a free member on 27 December 2013. COIB said that ES&S could pay for going to events in the country. The costs undertaken by ES&S were eligible to fulfill the purpose of the Participant. “

The divorced director agreed to withdraw from the junket-laden concert in 2018, advising the city’s ballot makers in 2018, after NY1 reported at least nine travels paid by ES&S.

The manufacturer, who was awarded a $ 100 million contract to provide and maintain new voting scanners, came under a raid of criticism in the 2018 elections after the ballot scanners were trapped in numerous election stations in misty weather.

In the election process of the company, questions were raised about whether the ballot papers scanners mislead the issue whether it can withstand humid conditions. ES&S defended its actions and claims.

Meanwhile, Election Board officials said it is unlikely that Ryan will be forced into his ethical wing.

“Most commission members support Mike,” said Fred Umane, the secretary of the Manhattan Republic commissioner Election.

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