Nvidia drives Point Home on DLSS: more games, more engines and Linux support


Nvidia Super Sampling isn’t giving any respite to the competition and is expanding DLSS support to about 55 games. To this were added the Unreal Engine and Unity graphics engine, as well as Proton for playing under Linux.

Upcoming title supported by DLSS. © Nvidia

Nvidia won’t let AMD and its FidelityFX Super Resolution, or FSR, cover its DLSS. The firm reiterated that its Super Sampling technology was supported by at least 55 sports and that the list would continue to grow.

So during the coming month lego builder’s journey (22 June), doom eternal (June 29) and rust (July 1) which will be included in DLSS compatible games. Red Dead Redemption II Also in the race for support soon.

It is not only the games, but also the graphics engines that are affected by this compatibility. Unreal Engine is out from February 4th, Unreal Engine 5 from June 17th and Unity 2021.2 will now be supported soon. The compatibility of these graphics engines is important because studios can use them in their games to be compatible with DLSS without actually doing a lot of development.

Set of engines supporting DLSS.  © Nvidia

Set of engines supporting DLSS. © Nvidia

And as if that weren’t enough, the GPU maker allows DLSS to be used on Linux via Proton. Support is currently limited to games using the Vulkan API: doom eternal, no man’s sky, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Games using the DirectX API will be compatible this fall.

© Nvidia

The Californian manufacturer recalled that DLSS was reserved for GeForce RTX type graphics cards. Regarding the possibility of enabling the technology on the GeForce GTX, Nvidia argued that such a port would require a lot of human and therefore financial resources. Also, unlike AMD’s FSRs, spotting competing graphics cards is not on the agenda. Remember that if DLSS requires specific processing units to be applied to the rendering (Tensor Core), there doesn’t seem to be any reason to implement it without these units, limited on the number of frames per second At the expense of profit, that goes without saying.

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