nuclear | Iran is now behaving ‘fairly’: Iran

(Tehran) The Iranian foreign minister said France had changed its attitude and stopped playing the role of a “bad cop” in talks in Vienna in an effort to save the nuclear deal.

“Yesterday, France played the bad cop, but today it behaves reasonably,” Hossein Amir-Abdullahian said in an interview on state television, quoted on Sunday by the official Irna news agency.

On Friday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian estimated that talks on Iranian nuclear power were moving on a “rather positive path”, but reiterated the urgency to end them quickly.

“I am convinced that a good agreement can be reached,” said the French minister. “I’m still a little optimistic on the subject and have a great desire to be successful.”

Negotiations to salvage the 2015 agreement, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, were resumed in Vienna in late November after a five-month hiatus between Tehran and the countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany). , Russia) , China).

Their aim is to bring back the United States, which left it in 2018, and to ensure that the Islamic Republic once again honors its commitments it broke in reaction to the resumption of US sanctions.

“Yesterday, there were unacceptable demands from the US side, but today, we think it fits the realities of the situation”, underlined Mr. Amir-Abdullahian, Washington’s indirect participation in the talks.

“We are close to a good agreement, but to conclude it in the short term, it is the other party that must commit,” he said.

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