Now it’s a hit: Niels Wisker (20) of Lagland, along with Max Hawks of Slane, takes his first tournament win in professional tennis at the Spanish seaside resort of Platja d’Oro

Niels Wisker (left) and Max Hawkes after the tournament win at the Platja d’Oro Photo: Selfie photo

Tennis players Max Haukes and Niels Wisker won doubles at the international professional tournament at Platza d’Aro in Spain.

The final was not easy. The first set went to their Spanish-Argentine opponents Carlos López Montagu and Alex Barrena (4-6), but then Hawks and Visker took matters into their own hands. The second set was 6–4 for Hawks and Wisker and the difference in the Super Tiebreak was four points: 10–6.

together for the second time

The two northerners – the Hawks coming from Slane, the Wiskers from the Groningen lowlands – played together for the second time. For the first time in May, they almost made it to the final in Madrid, so now it was all right with a tournament win of the ITF World Tennis Tour tournament, the third tier in the professional circuit.

Vipers first professional title

For Wisker, who turned 20 in early October, the win is his first tournament win on the international professional tennis circuit. The Hawks (21) took their seventh double title and third this year at the northern Spanish seaside resort. ‘We had a tough start,” Visker analyzes soon after the final. ‘We didn’t play a good game anyway,'” Hawks says. Both of us did not give very good service and we were not good on the net either. But gradually it got better, we got more grip on our opponents and our net game also got better.


In the second set, the Groningen-Drantse pair had to pull out of all stops when a quick 3–0 deficit was threatened. Then it got a little tricky,’ says Viskar. “Then everything was supposed to be fine. That’s when we started playing better tennis and that boosts morale. If you manage to win matches like that in which we both didn’t play very good tennis, that’s great.”


Visker will be in northern Spain for at least another week, playing a tournament in the same category near the Platja d’Aro in Girona. The Hawks are already on their way to Sleene, who will play a hard court tournament in Heraklion, Greece, in a few weeks.

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