Not telling the truth, Mikel Arteta hit Mesut Ozil’s agent back

Macel Arteta insists he was “honest” with Mesut Ozil, although the player’s agent claims there is a lack of transparency about his expulsion from the Arsenal squad.

Ozil, 32, has been dropped from the Gunners Premier League and Europa League squad and will not be able to return to the club.

The Germans jumped on the bandwagon of Arteta and Arsenal this week, responding by acknowledging the Gonzalez boss as “failing” to achieve the best of each player.

However, these comments were made by Ozil’s agent, Dr. Erkut did not satisfy Sogut, who aimed at Artera and said that “Arsenal fans deserve an honest explanation of the situation”.

Arteta is back in Sugute

In light of Sogut’s comments, Arteta went on to explain again why Ozil had been frozen in the emirate, insisting that he was honest with the playmaker throughout the process.

“If you have to lead, they have to trust you,” Arteta said before the clash with Leicester on Sunday evening.

“You have to be honest to get them to trust you. You have to be clear and you have to be able to tell people, face to face, good and bad news.

Is there a lack of transparency about Ozil’s situation? Tell yours here.

Sogut (right) helps Ozil secure a new £ 350,000 per deal per week in 2018

“Then you have to be consistent in what you say, the demands you make and what you apply.

“When things happen you appreciate them and then when they don’t, it can have consequences. Then you create a culture and hold people accountable within that culture.

“People need to take action and demand from each other the standards they need from this football club to succeed.”

Throughout his interview, Sogut reaffirmed Ozil’s allegiance to Arsenal and refused to close the door on a player registered for action in January.

After criticizing Artter, the agent added: “He could have gone to another club like Alexis Sanchez. He could have gotten a িয়ন 30 million sign-on fee as a free agent at the top of his career. But he was loyal.

“Perhaps the club will change their position in January and register him. You never know what will happen.”

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