Northern League of Legends Championship announced

The Nordic League of Legends Championship (NLC) will be the official League of Legends competition of the best teams in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The NLC will be the highest level in a large ecosystem with national competitions and participating teams will have the chance to qualify for the European Masters through the NLC.

The twelve best leagues of legends from Scandinavia, Ireland and the United Kingdom will, from next season, compete in a competition for the NLC title. The new competition will be a collaboration between esports organizers Dreamhawk, Riot Games and Scandinavian Telia. In addition to the NLC, they also provide national competitions that the NLC should provide, in the new ecosystem, a promotion / representative tournament, with new growth through the Tellia Masters.

Participating teams

12 teams have been invited for the first season of NLC starting on 16 June. Fnatic Rising and BT Excel are and remain part of the NLC, they cannot be removed due to the fact that their mother’s team competes at the highest level in Europe, the LEC. The other ten invited teams, Barrage Esports, Dusty, Annes, Godsaint, MNM, Nordwind, Munster Rugby Gaming, Riddle Exports, Singularity and Trick Exports, will compete for their place during the inaugural season of NLC.

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