Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson in Belfast to ease election and Brexit crisis

Paralyzed by rising tensions between Belfast, London and Brussels over the post-Brexit arrangement in the British province, Boris Johnson is expected to attempt to unblock local institutions in Northern Ireland on Monday.

Citing political tensions and trade disruptions in the province, the British government is looking to deeply renegotiate the protocol with the European Union, which it says is only open to adjustments.

London is threatening unilateral action to scrap the deal, possibly earlier this week, an unacceptable stance for the EU that could trigger serious trade retaliation.

I hope the position of the EU will changeIn a column published in Boris Johnson says Belfast Telegraph what without action will be required To protect the 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreement. next steps will be introduced in parliament In the next few days, he continues. Downing Street insists Boris Johnson does not have never suggested removing the protocolbut it wants improvement,

In Ireland, we criticize the lack of visibility caused by London

in an interview on the site politicianIrish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney insisted thatTaking unilateral action for violating international law, not respecting democratic decisions in Northern Ireland will make matters worseEmphasizing that the EU is ready to reduce checks on goods coming into the province from Great Britain.

In Dublin, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald accused the Conservative government in London of in cahoots to block the executive and assembly with the DUP and to use Northern Ireland as a pawn In his conversation with Brussels.

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No consideration for the immediate needs of the families and workers amid the crisis of livelihood. There is no respect for the hard-earned peace and stability. No idea for the Good Friday Agreement. All the pawns in Britain’s tough strategyHe tweeted on Saturday.

On Sunday, British Energy Minister Quasi Quarteng assured Sky News that the UK Absolutely right wish to unilaterally modify the provisions of the Protocol.

Political stability is our first priority, and (DUP) tells us that unless (protocol) is changed, they will not share power. so we have to look carefully how we can change itHe insisted.

A standoff political situation in Belfast

Ten days after Republican Sinn Féin’s historic victory in local elections, the institutions of Northern Ireland have come to a standstill as the federalists of the DUP refused to participate in the executive, which was to be shared under the 1998 agreement. confrontation.

The Federalists, visibly associated with the Union with Great Britain, thus intended to oppose the provisions of the Northern Irish Protocol – London and London to answer the delicate question of the boundary between Northern Ireland and the European Republic of Ireland. Agreement signed between Brussels. Brexit – which they say threatens the place of the province within the United Kingdom.

According to a Downing Street statement on Sunday, the British prime minister will send to Belfast clear message to the various political formations in the province, namely Any change in protocol should result in all parties coming together to form an executive and local assembly,

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The newly-elected assembly met on Friday for the first time since Sinn Féin, a supporter of reunification with the Republic of Ireland, came out on top in local elections on May 5, the first time in the province’s more than a hundred-year history. But the DUP refused to appoint a speaker, blocking the assembly.

Tipped to become the new head of the province, Sinn Féin deputy chair Michelle O’Neill has accused the DUP of mopping up Took the company hostage to the tough Brexit brought along with its friends Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party.

Northern Irish institutions had already experienced three years of paralysis against the backdrop of a financial scandal, before a settlement was allowed in January 2020.

Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson in Belfast to ease election and Brexit crisis

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