Northeast Coronavirus Live: Councils ask government to give local lockdown powers

Northeast Coronavirus Live: Councils ask government to give local lockdown powers

The fair was closed due to coronavirus concern

Concerns that a Covid-19 represents a risk have led to the closure of the Washington Fair.

The fair, hosted by Richardson Amusements, is being held at the Welfare Fields in the town of Northbarland and was inaugurated on Thursday 10 September.

Northberland County Council appeared before organizers on Sunday (September 13th) after concerns from police and locals were expressed, representing the number of people who attended and the lack of social distance at risk.

Northambria police were called to the fair on Saturday evening after receiving news of the fighting and were told they were concerned about the “huge crowd” found there.

On Sunday morning, the organizers agreed to postpone the fair after inspecting the council and police officials.

Kelly Angus, acting interim chief executive of Northumberland County Council, said: “We approached the organizers of the fair this morning, following concerns from police and the local community about public health risks due to the lack of control measures.”

“The organizers took these concerns to the board and voluntarily agreed to close the event today, which is a very positive step for them.

“We understand that some people who have closed the fair will be disappointed, however, the safety of the county and all of its residents must always be our top priority, and on this occasion we are satisfied that Richardson’s entertainments acted responsibly and should be commended for their activities at this time. To appreciate

“This view was not about specific concerns about someone infected with the infection, but about the risks in general.

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“It’s important that the county avoids unnecessary risks surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and we look forward to seeing Richardson return to their site when it is safe to do so to enjoy their annual funfire.”

There have been 69 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Northern Amberland in the last few days, compared to 85 in the whole of August.

Fair organizers submitted a risk assessment to Northumberland County Council that was in line with social distance guidelines, but officials say these measures were not all complied with.

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