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One of the most protected borders in the world is also protected by about two million mines. The escape bid was held on November 2 earlier this month.

According to Chosun Ilibo, the man, in his late 20s, climbed an iron pole and used the height to jump over the boundary fence.

He was then shown “lottery” about a mile south of the border by South Korean forces using a southern observation device.

The man, dressed in civilian clothes, was detained and given asylum.

North Korean authorities said he was a former gymnast and that it helped him escape.

But why South Korea is debating why the defaulter did not turn off any sensors at the border.

Speaking to the Yonhap News Agency, an official commented: “We will make sure why the sensors are not working and why they are working properly.”

Thousands of North Korean dissidents who have fled Kim Jong-un’s brutal rule are now living in South Korea.

Some crossed the South Korean border and smuggled it into the country via China.

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After being taken to the hospital, it was found that he had parasitic worms ten inches long inside his stomach.

One of the people who successfully escaped from North Korea is Yonomi Park, who entered China in 2007 with her mother when she was 13 years old.

Referring to the escape of, he said: “My sister died on March 2 and four days later my mama left and I followed her.

“Then my father, my aunt, were all beaten and tortured because we disappeared.

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“But thanks because we followed up a few days later we weren’t tortured.

“The rest of the family was tortured because of our escape.”

Once in China, MS Park fell into the hands of human traffickers.

If he was able to escape after a few years of service, he went first to Mongolia and then to South Korea.

Describing her ordeal, she said: “The first thing I saw when we arrived in China was that I had been raped in front of my mother.

“They sold me for at least ৫ 655-7575 and they sold me for less than ৩ 300 because I was a virgin. I am 13 and a half years old.

“They sold me separately from my mother so I was different from everyone else. We sold it to a human trafficker and a lot of things happened.

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