North Korea plans to open international tourism: society to build its own large-scale resort

Pyongyang aims to establish Mount Kumgang Spa, an international tourist complex The official press was announced on Sunday, a year after South Korea destroyed buildings built on the basis of an official order Leader Kim Jong Un.

The spa, a symbol of economic cooperation between the two Koreas, was built by Hyundai Asan, a subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate Hyundai.

The goal was to attract thousands of South Korean tourists to the Kumgang Mountains, meaning “Diamond Mountain”, considered one of the most beautiful places on the peninsula.

Last year, during a period of tension between the two Koreas, Kim ordered the destruction of “Ramshakal” facilities built in the south, comparing them “Makeshift tents are installed in a destroyed area.”

KCNA’s press agency reported that North Korean Prime Minister Kim Tok Hoon visited the site and stressed the “need to rebuild the resort in our style” to turn it into a “resort promoted by the whole world”.


Prime Minister requested to change the place to A. “Modern and Comprehensive International Tourist Station”.

The resort was one of the most significant inter-Korean projects with the Kaesong industrial plant closed since 2016, with South Korean companies laboring from the north.

Located near the border between the two Koreas, Mount Kumgang used to be a tourist destination for South Koreans until a North Korean soldier killed a woman who strayed away from security areas in 2008. As a result, Seoul banned visits.

North Korea wants this lucrative activity to resume, but now Will violate international economic sanctions imposed on Pyongyang Because of its nuclear program and missiles.

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In June, Pyongyang destroyed the Inter-Korean Liaison Office located on its territory and was financed by Seoul, one of the symbols of detention on the peninsula, claiming that it was not interested in negotiations.

“The Kim regime will have trouble finding resources to rebuild Mount Kumgang and require foreign investment, but it also sends the message that it attaches less importance to its South Korean partners,” Leaf-Eric Eisle, Seoul Says a professor at Eva University.

According to Islay, pressure is also on the way for Kim to resume financial support to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in to the south.

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