North Korea launches suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile

North Korea launches suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile

North Korea Launches Suspected Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile

In a provocative move, North Korea fired a suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile into the sea off its east coast on Tuesday morning. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff detected the launch from Pyongyang at 6:53am, prompting increased monitoring and information sharing with the US and Japan.

The Japanese coastguard has urged vessels to be vigilant and report any fallen objects from the missile launch. Japanese Prime Minister has condemned the launch, calling it a threat to regional security. This marks the third ballistic missile test of 2024 by North Korea.

The missile is believed to be a new intermediate-range hypersonic missile powered by a solid-fueled engine. The launch comes just days after Russia vetoed a UN panel monitoring sanctions compliance in North Korea.

Despite facing international sanctions, North Korea continues to develop its military arsenal, posing a challenge to regional stability. The US and South Korea recently conducted joint military exercises, further escalating tensions with Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, Seoul remains focused on internal matters such as healthcare reform, economic policies, and domestic political scandals. However, the ongoing tensions with North Korea remain a key concern for South Korea as it navigates the complex geopolitical landscape in the region.

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