Nord Stream 2: German split …

Link Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project to Ukrainian geopolitical file? The German government, which brings together the Social Democrats (SPD), the Liberal Democrats (FDP) and the Ecologists (Alliance 90/the Greens), is unable to speak with one voice on the issue.
“We shouldn’t train [Nord Stream 2] In this conflict, which has intensified during the past few months, German Defense Minister (SPD) Christine Lambrecht declared on RBB radio’s microphone on Thursday, in reference to tensions between the West and Russia around Ukraine. We need to resolve this conflict, and we need to resolve it in dialogue – that’s the opportunity we have right now – […] According to comments cited by AFP, instead of making a link with projects that have nothing to do with this conflict,” the government member continued.
However, her colleague on foreign affairs, ecologist Annalena Barbok, announced on 12 December that the famous gas pipeline would not be authorized to operate in Ukraine in a state of “surge” – a position shared, according to the same source. By Robert Habeck, Minister of Economy and Climate, also from Alliance 90/Les Verts. (SPF),
As for Chancellor Olaf Scholz, he made vague comments on the subject, threatening consequences for Nord Stream 2 in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine … before declaring that the gas pipeline project was completed. It was kind of “project private”.
Currently, Nord Stream 2 is awaiting certification by the German energy regulator. One expected to occur in the context of strong tensions between the West and Russia: Washington, Kiev and some of their allies accused Russia of considering an invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow formally denies.
To ease these tensions on the European continent, Russia, for its part, submitted draft agreements to the United States and NATO in mid-December, with a commitment not to expand eastward by the Atlantic Alliance as the main proposal. Contains – Propositions that have not, to date, been accepted by Westerners.


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