Nora Al Matroshi is the first Arab female astronaut

Her name is Nora Al Mataroshi and history will remember her name as the first female Arab astronaut. He has just been selected by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBR) to join the UAE space program.

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They are two astronauts who United Arab Emirates And Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBR) – together NASA Since it is Johnson Space Center That their training will be done – just selected to join their space program. Two out of over 4,000 applicants. And the peculiarity of one of them is that it is… one. Which will be made soon First Arab Woman Astronaut Of history.

His name is Nora Al Mataroshi – and chosen on his behalf, Mohammed Al Mulla – and he was born in 1993. A mechanical engineer, he currently works for 1993 National petroleum Construction company (NPCC). He never flew. But she promises “Work hard to write history”. Especially since she has been passionate about space since childhood. Today, therefore, for him, it is a dream that literally, becomes reality.

Purpose Moon!

Or approx. Because her real dream, she believes, would beGet on the moon Boarded an Emirati spacecraft. As it did 50 years ago, it now has American counterparts and models Neil Armstrong. And seeing the new ambitions displayed by his country matter The dream of space conquest seems allowed.

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Recall that the United Arab Emirates has recently invested billions of dollars in its space center. They have already sent Astronauts boarded the International Space Station (ISS). And last February, he put the first check To revolve around Around Mars. For the purpose of working on the construction of the first human colony on the Red Planet by the end of the century.

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